Do you have a device that needs warranty or non-warranty repair, annual servicing or a battery exchange and pressure test? It’s in good hands!
Please do not send your device to us before you receive a case/RMA number from us.

  1. Choose your device brand, type and make sure you include the Device Serial Number. For Shearwater devices, the serial number can be found by pressing the right button 8-10 times until it is displayed on the lower left side of the display. For other brands, the serial number is usually located on the device housing.
  2. Please use the “Device Note” section to describe the fault or enter any information relevant to the repair.
  3. Select a service
  4. Enter your personal information (please add the country to your address as there is an issue with the form) fully and submit the form. An account will automatically be created for you, the details of which are in the e-mail you receive.
  5. If relevant, attach the proof of purchase receipt and any photo’s that will help to illustrate the issue.
  6. If you would like to expand on the “Device Note” section of an RMA request at a later moment, submit the form and wait for the RMA number that will be sent to your e-mail address. No e-mail? Check your spam folder as it may be flagged as unsolicited e-mail. Please include the RMA number in the subject line of all communications related to you device.

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